Adventure Lovers, Come Out to Play on 11/16/18

Adventure Lovers, Come Out to Play on 11/16/18

No River Twice Poetry Group
No River Twice Poetry Group

Borrelli's is delighted to host No River Twice for an evening of poetry and improv on 11/16/18 from 7- 9 pm. NRT is a multi-vocal, improvisational poetry performance in which audience and poets interact to determine the direction of the performance from beginning to end, poem by poem, co-creating a reading that is never the same twice.  

What to Expect

We start with a randomly selected poem and we improvise the reading, poem by poem, through audience suggestion, following different threads, juxtapositions & themes, finding new connections, until we come to an ending.  We don't know where we are headed and neither do you.

Participating Poets Include

Liz Chang * Grant Clauser * Vasiliki Katsarou
Joanne Leva * Lynn Levin * Lorraine Henrie Lins
Bernadette McBride * Ethel Rackin
Hayden Saunier * Cleveland Wall

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+ light snacks, vino & camaraderie, of course!