The Modern Art Four

The Modern Art Four

November, 2012
Exhibit: The Modern Art Four

Libby Calamia
Libby Calamia has exhibited across the country, in New York, Pennsylvania, Utah, Indiana, Maryland, and California, and internationally, including England, France, Spain, Canada, and Colombia. A passionate abstract artist and expert in lithography, Calamia has received numerous awards and nominations for his work, which is collected world wide. "Abstract Art directs the artist to intellectually explore beneath the surface of the subject - which alone creates artwork really worth producing." --Libby Calamia

Debs Bleicher
Debs Bleicher has been drawing, sketching, and art making since he was five years old. After receiving his teaching certificate in Art Education and a degree in ceramics from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University, he taught in the Philadelphia School District for eight years, while continuing his own artistic education in ceramics, printing, collage, monoprint, and more. Since 2003, he has been taking painting classes and exploring mixed media collage paintings. He describes his method as being "summed up in one word - experiment."

Constance Cone
Constance Cone has been working as an artist since 1973. During the first part of her career, she was a fine art photographer using large format cameras, making platinum and palladium prints (two non-silver processes). In the late 80's, she began working in more traditional media, eventually receiving her MFA in painting and printmaking. Her current work, pastels inspired by landscape, is primarily abstract.

Kitty Caparella
Kitty Caparella, a well-known gallery artist who last exhibited at the CHG in 2009, describes her current work as an exploration of "lines found in nature that create shapes and cityscapes that become personalities as they are abstracted. With these new shapes, I can find subtlety, grace, and new meanings. Working in encaustic - hot wax and oil-based paints - allows me to gouge into the wax to create deep and light lines, while different colors express various moods in the shapes that are created."